Hipster Dinos

My friend Katie sent these awesome coloring book hacks yesterday! Totally love the Spinosaurus (I’m also totally guessing) holding the PBR, I think I saw him hanging around off the Lorimer stop the other day!

You+Me Reprint, Pt. 7 (You’ve got red on you)

You + Me Red 01You + Me Red 02Phew! After a week of a few odd scheduling issues (and one instance of beer winning the battle over printing!) I’ve finally finished up the first round of color.

Next up… I got the blue blue blues!

As always, Pre-orders are available through Supermarket.

Type Matrix

Swedish artist Thomas Broome created these great typographic illustrations. If Neo was a type designer… well, you know. Seriously though, great artist great work.

Print Monsters!

The Kraken by Family TreeThe Sasquatch by Family TreeThe Lochness by Family TreeThe Yeti by Family TreeGreat prints from the guys over at Nashville-based Family Tree. While I think they are all great, I particularly love The Kraken print! Sailors would be sure to tremble in there boots at the mere thought of this terrific beast of the sea!

{via NotCot}

You+Me Reprint, Pt. 6 (Test Prints and Inks)

You can look at a screen all you want but, honestly, the best way to tell if a screen is exposed well is to use the thing, so I pulled some test prints earlier… looking good.

If you’re wondering, I used black because the red recipe that I whip up is a bit on the expensive side and given the heavy ink coverage for these guys, I’ll need every squeegee pull I can get.

Speaking of inks, we’re are all mixed and prepped, so glad I wrote down the recipes to these colors, it made life so much easier.

Next up… not much left to do but to lay down some color!

Pre-orders are available through Supermarket.

You+Me Reprint, Pt. 5 (Final Touch-Ups)

Spent some time this afternoon over the lightbox to touch up these screens. All-in-all things weren’t too bad… The “You” screen had some pinhole issues, but that’s nothing a little emulsion can’t fix. Looks like the guy has serious case of chicken pox though!

The “Me” screen only had a few pinholes to deal with but, unfortunately, on closer inspection, my third color artwork looked horrible so I had to fill it up and will have to get that redone later this week or next.

Next up… Test prints!

You+Me Reprint, Pt. 4 (The Screen Returns)

Phew! The second screen turned out ok this time around. Next step… Touching up the screens and then it will be almost time for Command key icon+P! Stay tuned.

You+Me Reprint, Pt 3 (Paper Heartbreak All Better)

So yesterday I mentioned how the awesome folks at French Paper are, in deed, awesome. Well they are quickly reaching epic status now, as they have overnighted my replacement paper on their dime and on top of that they packed it extra nice. A perfect stack of paper from my favorite paper source! I think it’s gonna be good day.

You+Me Reprint, Pt 2 (Love the Smell of Fresh Screens)

In addition to the paper, I also got new fresh new screens made today! Unfortunately only one of the two screens made the cut, the other one (the one that will be the first color pass) wasn’t done very well and had to be re-redone… hopefully tomorrow.

You+Me Reprint, Pt 1 (Paper Heartbreak)

So I received my paper shipment today, from the fine folks over at French Paper Company of course, and alas… damaged. Blech! Be forewarned when mail ordering paper in large sizes, there is a good chance that UPS will damage it. One good drop on the corner and BAM! Ruined (at least for this project). Fortunately, Mr. French is totally awesome about it when you call them, they send you a new package immediately to replace the damaged stock and if your really nice to them, they will send it quite quickly. Thanks Mr. French!