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The lettering is something called Sillian Rail…

This scene from American Psycho is probably one of the biggest reasons that the flick is one of my favorites. If you’re a designer, I’m sure you’ve seen it. If you havn’t… just watch. It’s amazing!

Logorama wins Best Animated Short. Sweet!

Many designers who tuned into the Oscars Sunday weren’t just tuning into see who would win Best Picture. They were also rooting for French collective H5 who walked away with one of the golden guys for Best Animated Short for the totally awesome Logorama. You can check out the trailer here and you can own it for yourself through iTunes for only 2 bucks!

Letterpress on Sesame Street circa 1970s

Cute little video featuring a letterpress and a lost dog from everyones favorite street.

{via Beast Pieces}

OK Go / Rube Goldberg

Great Rube Goldberg action from OK Go!

Love Train

Damn, all the way to 137th… it must be love! Pretty sweet video from James Darling featuring music by RJD2. A few years old but whatever…