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A dozen typefaces or a million?

John Boardley over at I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY has written an interesting entry in response to a recent video interview of Massimo Vignelli by Big Think about Mr. Vignelli’s assertion that the world only needs a dozen typefaces. In the entry Boardley respectfully disagrees with the design great and aptly argues why Vignelli is… well, wrong.

I highly recommend watching the video and reading Boardley’s response. It should make for an interesting discussion…

Wohnung und Werkraum ID

I was at the MoMA over the weekend and up on the design floor tucked away in a corner is a great little mini exhibit called The New Typography which features various pieces of Soviet Russian, German, Dutch, and Czechoslovakian design from the 20s and 30s. One piece that particularly struck me was this sweet little gem of an ID system for Wohnung und Werkraum (Living and Workspace) designed by German-based Johannes Molzahn back in 1929. Quite beautiful.

The lettering is something called Sillian Rail…

This scene from American Psycho is probably one of the biggest reasons that the flick is one of my favorites. If you’re a designer, I’m sure you’ve seen it. If you havn’t… just watch. It’s amazing!

NYC Type.

Since 2008 Jason Powers, Matthew Anderson and Alejandro Santandrea have been documenting typographic New York with their blog NYC Type. Makes me wanna get out there and do some type hunting of my own!


The really great type blog, Lettercult, has issued everyone a type challenge that is hard to resist. Every couple weeks designers are invited to show their typographic prowess by designing a certain letter of the alphabet. The “A“, “B” and “C” battles are already on display and battle “D” is currently on and submissions are due April 11th. I may just have to throwdown on some of the up coming battles!

Mmmm… BBQ Poster.

Flatstock Poster

Flatstock Poster

Flatstock Poster

Christian Helms over at The Decoder Ring created this sweet poster for last weeks Flatstock Poster Show at SXSW. The crazy thing… the ink is actually BBQ sauce. It’s a little gross but it oddly makes me want to have one… wonder if it’s hickory smoked or sweet and tangy?

André Felipe and Typo/Graphic Posters

Typo/Graphic Posters 01

Back in Late 2008, I contacted Brazilian designer, André Felipe, about joining an online project he had just started called Typo/Graphic Posters. It’s intent on being an online community run repository of all things… well, typographic and poster…y was ambitious and inspiring, especially for the type lover.

André, thankfully, was happy to invite me to be a part of the project and the site quickly became a staple in my bookmarks for a quite a while. Until disaster stuck last summer when André database crashed! Oh, the typographic humanity…

Fortunately, instead of letting of the project die, André decided to take the proverbial lemons and turn them into an amazing batch of limoncello! After many months of development Typo/Graphic Posters relaunched a few months ago with a beautiful new look and an extremely robust set of features (some I didn’t even know was possible for a website) that is impressive to say the least.

Modern 50

Virginia Based Modern 50, purveyors of all things uniquely awesome, has a collection of decorative art and funishings so impressive that it makes Antiques Roadshow look like a sideshow. I highly recommend checking it out, even if it is just to dream.

These are some of my favorites…

Great work from Greg Lamarche!

I was at the Scope Art Show yesterday and the work of Greg Lamarche (aka really caught my eye. His handcut typographic paper collages are really sweet! You can more of his work at his personal website.