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Star Wars Typography

Matteo Civaschi of H-57 Creative Station in Milan, Italy managed to combine two of my favorite thing, Star Wars and Typography… Sweet!

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Ode to Typography

Nice work for The Birds and The Beasts.

Type Matrix

Swedish artist Thomas Broome created these great typographic illustrations. If Neo was a type designer… well, you know. Seriously though, great artist great work.

Print Monsters!

The Kraken by Family TreeThe Sasquatch by Family TreeThe Lochness by Family TreeThe Yeti by Family TreeGreat prints from the guys over at Nashville-based Family Tree. While I think they are all great, I particularly love The Kraken print! Sailors would be sure to tremble in there boots at the mere thought of this terrific beast of the sea!

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Great Collection of Movie Titles!

Web-designer Christian Annyas has created a great site chock full of movie title stills, appropriately titled The Movie Title Stills Collection, spanning the last 90 or so years. Really great collection especially for movie buffs and type nuts alike. I want more!

A Tax Form for the Marginally Employed

For all the freelancers out there, including myself, a great Op-Art piece from Sam Potts found in the New York Times.

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AIGA Type Forecast

Last Friday, AIGA/NY held a lecture featuring three type designers that if you don’t already know, than you should definitely get to know.

Probably the most visible of the three, Brooklyn’s own, Jessica Hische graciously talked about her process for developing her impeccable lettering skills and how she fell into to her Daily Drop Cap project. German-based type designer Georg Seifert told us about how he got tired working with FontLab, so he decided to just go and develop his own font application which he called Glyphs; which is just crazy! I just downloaded it now and can’t wait to play around with it! Finally, Joshua Darden of Brooklyn-based Darden Studio schooled us all in type history and what it takes to actually sit down and design a typeface. I feel dumb totally dumb for not knowing much about about this guy until now. He’s definitely the Neil deGrasse Tyson of the type design world, the guy is just too smart for his own good!

All in all, it was a great lecture which included the ever hilarious and equally awesome designer Matteo Bologna of Mucca Design as guest moderator. Totally worth the $30 bucks.

Mobster v. Newcastle City Council

A collaboration piece by Mobster with the unwitting help of the Newcastle City Council… Good Stuff!

Alphabet Explorer

Austrailian-based graphic designer Rhett Dashwood has scoured the landscapes of his home country, from the comfort of his desk, for typographic monuments and he has come back with a veritable treasure trove of goodies. Be sure to check out all of his findings here.