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What I’m dealing with at this very moment…

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly

Mobster v. Newcastle City Council

A collaboration piece by Mobster with the unwitting help of the Newcastle City Council… Good Stuff!

Browser Pong

Oh the amount of time that will be wasted utilized while playing this really cool rendition of the classic Atari game from Stewdio . Play against the computer or one of your office mates!

Turn off the lights!

I will fully admit that I’m not the greatest at turning off my lights in my apt. all the time but if I had some of these eco-reminder wall graphics from London-based Hu2 I might get better at it.

Señor Luchador meet Mister Clown.


Of the hundreds of images that I’ve received from Eric Baker’s Today series, this has got to be one of my favorites to date. I would have loved to have been in the room when this picture was taken.


I just found this little flash mini-site from White Vinyl that maps the rotation of the planets around the sun and applies a musical tone to each of them to create a beautifully hypnotic musicbox effect. Lovely!

NYC meets Zelda” target=”_blank”>

Game designer and coder, Brett Camper, just released one of the funkiest maps of NYC that I’ve seen in a while. All in 8-bit, completely explorable and totally awesome, imagine trying to commute to work in this type of environment!

{via Information Aesthetics}

Letterpress on Sesame Street circa 1970s

Cute little video featuring a letterpress and a lost dog from everyones favorite street.

{via Beast Pieces}

OK Go / Rube Goldberg

Great Rube Goldberg action from OK Go!

Love Train

Damn, all the way to 137th… it must be love! Pretty sweet video from James Darling featuring music by RJD2. A few years old but whatever…