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A Very Zombie Holiday

Here’s to a very merry undead holiday this year. Have fun and remember; stay aware, stay alive.

Thanks for the link Ken!

Smell like a Monster…

The Dynamic Duo

While I was drooling over the iPad at Apple’s site. I stumbled on this great video created by Jesse Rosten, that features two of the awesomest inventions ever combined, the iPad and… Velcro. Cool!

Hipster Dinos

My friend Katie sent these awesome coloring book hacks yesterday! Totally love the Spinosaurus (I’m also totally guessing) holding the PBR, I think I saw him hanging around off the Lorimer stop the other day!

Words can not describe how awesome this is…

Shredding Nuclear Rhino Kick… ‘nuf said.

Giant: Army

Directed by Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux with sound design by David Kamp. This animated short officially made my day today… awesome!

Bookshelf Porn

There is just something so fascinating in how a good set of shelves can be a big bucket of collective knowledge, thoughts and emotions and at the same time be so personal.

Yes, I’ll admit it! I totally have a thing for bookshelves. The nerd in me can’t deny it and when I came across the website Bookshelf Porn, the nerd in me smiled… a lot.

{via Bookshelf Porn}

Magnificent Specimens

I love this series of photos by Dave Mead which he calls Magnificent Specimens. Where he took a trip up to Anchorage, Alaska and documented the contestants of the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championship. Magnificent indeed! I’m not too shabby at growing a beard but dang, no wonder these guess went to the championship!

You can see the whole collection in person at Chelsea Market in Manhattan through the rest of June.

Lego Printer!

Check out this awesome printer that Lego enthusiast HorseAttack built from scratch on his spare time.

{via Creative Review}

Just the reason to get an iPad that I’ve been looking for…

{via LikeCool}