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Beautiful Kanal 5 Ident from ManvsMachine

London-based ManvsMachine recently released this amazing environment/textbook inspired ident for Swedish broadcaster Kanal 5. You can watch (and download) a huge version of it here. I highly recommend doing so, the detail is really quite beautiful.

Knitting in the name of science

Vermont-based Crafty Hedgehog created these amazingly awesome knitted items that takes dissection to a whole new level! Available through her Etsy page you can purchase knitting patterns for a piglet, an alligator, a rabbit or the classic rat and frog.

Geotagger’s World Atlas

Photographer/coder Eric Fischer decided it would be cool to do some code magic based off of public APIs from Flickr and Picasa. What he came up with is a beautiful way to visually represent the various traffic density clusters that form from the geotags taken from the photos that people take and upload to the two sites. He’s even gone as far as separating the tourist from the locals (red points and blue points respectively, yellow represents unknowns). Pretty sweet!

Air traffic and volcanos don’t mix well

This is crazy, I had heard that last months Eyjafjallajokull eruption caused some flight delays but I didn’t realize the extent until now. Though, I’m not sure which is crazier, seeing a total lack of flights through out a big chunk of Europe or the insane amount of flights that actually go on when things are normal.

{via gizmodo}

Apollo 11 launch @ 500 fps… um, awesome!

Back in ’69 when the Apollo 11 crew decided it would be a good time to go to that big rock in the sky, someone down on the ground had the excellent idea to film the rocket boosters doing their thing upclose at 500 frames per second… My nerd senses are tingling!

New inkjet color… Skin.

OK… This is weird! The US Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine have developed a way to take an ordinary ink-jet printer (in this case an HP) and use to to literally print skin cells on to a burn patient. As Keanu says… Whoa!

Earlier this year, LabTV spoke to one of the researchers who’s working on the project. Hopefully the technology gets in to civilian hands sooner than later. Check out the video…

It Works, I Swear!

Science Appoved Supplements

A really interesting interactive info-graphic about various health supplements and there scientific legitamcy from the guys over at Information is Beautiful.