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You+Me Reprint, Pt 3 (Paper Heartbreak All Better)

So yesterday I mentioned how the awesome folks at French Paper are, in deed, awesome. Well they are quickly reaching epic status now, as they have overnighted my replacement paper on their dime and on top of that they packed it extra nice. A perfect stack of paper from my favorite paper source! I think it’s gonna be good day.

You+Me Reprint, Pt 2 (Love the Smell of Fresh Screens)

In addition to the paper, I also got new fresh new screens made today! Unfortunately only one of the two screens made the cut, the other one (the one that will be the first color pass) wasn’t done very well and had to be re-redone… hopefully tomorrow.

You+Me Reprint, Pt 1 (Paper Heartbreak)

So I received my paper shipment today, from the fine folks over at French Paper Company of course, and alas… damaged. Blech! Be forewarned when mail ordering paper in large sizes, there is a good chance that UPS will damage it. One good drop on the corner and BAM! Ruined (at least for this project). Fortunately, Mr. French is totally awesome about it when you call them, they send you a new package immediately to replace the damaged stock and if your really nice to them, they will send it quite quickly. Thanks Mr. French!

Thank You, Swiss-Miss!

Thanks to a huge boost from the lovely Tina Roth Eisenberg aka Swiss Miss, a certain print of mine, You+Me, has completely sold out. Awesome! The response has been so beyond terrific and so amazing that I have no choice but to reprint. Stay tuned, I’ll be documenting the process here. Also, if anyone is interested in snagging one of the prints from this upcoming edition, I’ve opened up a pre-order page over at SupermarketHQ.

The Perfect Pour

The Manhattan-based design crew, Plaid, has created this awesome piece called The Perfect Pour. It’s making me have flashbacks of my time working for Starbucks…

Faith No More Second Coming Gig Posters

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been this geeked out over an upcoming show but it’s frakin’ Faith No More, how could I not be! Check out some of the great gig posters that have been released over the span of the tour.

Works by Tara McPherson, Angry Blue, Frank Kozik and Drew Millward respectively.

New Heads of State

Philly-based designers Heads of State recently released a new series of city inspired posters that make me want to go on a cross-country road trip, I particularly love that they choose three cities that I can claim as currently or at one time, home (Seattle, San Francisco and New York). Really lovely work… Check out the rest of the series here.

Andy Pratt at Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market

Over the weekend, I took a trip down to Park Slope to check out the Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market where I ran into the very talented illustrator and fellow Supermarketeer, Andy Pratt. Nice guy and cool stuff. Check it out if you get a chance.

Oodles of Doodles,
Part 2

Last week in LA, Tinlark Gallery opened the new Oodles of Doodles show to whats looks to have been a great crowd! I so wish I could have been there. If you look hard you can my You+Me print tucked away in the corner of one of the images. Woohoo! If your in the LA area from now to the end of May, do make sure to check it out.

Die Letterpress!

How cool are these prints! Brooklyn-based artist Stukenborg took 1,147 die and arranged them in various patterns to produce a total of 18 different prints. How jealous am I that he was able to use a big boy press like the Vandercook 32-28?… Very! These wonderful prints are available through Etsy.