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Conductor: by Alexander Chen

Brooklyn based Interactive designer and musician, Alexander Chen has created this great project, called Conductor, where he takes live information from the MTA, visualizes the path of each train and assigns a musical note every time two trains cross paths; all through HTML5 and Javascript. The result, a wonderfully zen like soundtrack that is pretty much the antithesis of what its actually like to ride the train most of the time. Beautiful.

The Perfect Pour

The Manhattan-based design crew, Plaid, has created this awesome piece called The Perfect Pour. It’s making me have flashbacks of my time working for Starbucks…

Oh no, I don’t have enough Kung-Fu!!

I was walking to the train today and I saw this beyond awesome post-up for Kung-Fu lessons… The guy does have an good point. Kung-Fu would be an excellent skill to possess should a zombie apocalypse finally happen.

130+ Years of NYC Expansion

NYC Panoramic

It’s amazing looking how the city has changed (and stayed the same) over the last 130 years.

{via New York Magazine}

Geotagger’s World Atlas

Photographer/coder Eric Fischer decided it would be cool to do some code magic based off of public APIs from Flickr and Picasa. What he came up with is a beautiful way to visually represent the various traffic density clusters that form from the geotags taken from the photos that people take and upload to the two sites. He’s even gone as far as separating the tourist from the locals (red points and blue points respectively, yellow represents unknowns). Pretty sweet!

Magnificent Specimens

I love this series of photos by Dave Mead which he calls Magnificent Specimens. Where he took a trip up to Anchorage, Alaska and documented the contestants of the 2009 World Beard and Mustache Championship. Magnificent indeed! I’m not too shabby at growing a beard but dang, no wonder these guess went to the championship!

You can see the whole collection in person at Chelsea Market in Manhattan through the rest of June.

Up There…

About a month ago I was walking through SOHO and I looked up and saw a team of guys painting this ad on the side of a building and couldn’t help but to just stop and watch them. It was memorizing the way they painstakingly used actual brush and paint to do what can essentially be outputted and installed in a fraction of time. The thing is… no one around me even seemed to appreciate the talent that was up there on the those scaffolds.

Then, just now, I stumbled across this short film by The Ritual Project called “Up There” that typifies the feeling I got while watching those guys do there thing… up there. Simply beautiful.

Andy Pratt at Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market

Over the weekend, I took a trip down to Park Slope to check out the Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market where I ran into the very talented illustrator and fellow Supermarketeer, Andy Pratt. Nice guy and cool stuff. Check it out if you get a chance.

8-bit NYC Part Duex

A few weeks ago I wrote about Brett Camper’s 8 bit NYC Interactive Map, which is still awesome by the way, but I’m afraid Writer / Director Patrick Jean and his crew have One-Uped Brett by having various 8-bit video game favorites systematically destroy New York City! Awesome Cubed!

Wohnung und Werkraum ID

I was at the MoMA over the weekend and up on the design floor tucked away in a corner is a great little mini exhibit called The New Typography which features various pieces of Soviet Russian, German, Dutch, and Czechoslovakian design from the 20s and 30s. One piece that particularly struck me was this sweet little gem of an ID system for Wohnung und Werkraum (Living and Workspace) designed by German-based Johannes Molzahn back in 1929. Quite beautiful.