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Eames Shell Chair, Start to Finish

Found this great video produced by The Office of Charles Eames for Herman Miller showcasing the production of the classic Shell Chair from start to finish. The music itself is worth the watch, quintessential Eames. Nice!

Up There…

About a month ago I was walking through SOHO and I looked up and saw a team of guys painting this ad on the side of a building and couldn’t help but to just stop and watch them. It was memorizing the way they painstakingly used actual brush and paint to do what can essentially be outputted and installed in a fraction of time. The thing is… no one around me even seemed to appreciate the talent that was up there on the those scaffolds.

Then, just now, I stumbled across this short film by The Ritual Project called “Up There” that typifies the feeling I got while watching those guys do there thing… up there. Simply beautiful.

A dozen typefaces or a million?

John Boardley over at I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY has written an interesting entry in response to a recent video interview of Massimo Vignelli by Big Think about Mr. Vignelli’s assertion that the world only needs a dozen typefaces. In the entry Boardley respectfully disagrees with the design great and aptly argues why Vignelli is… well, wrong.

I highly recommend watching the video and reading Boardley’s response. It should make for an interesting discussion…

Master of the Universe

Paul Rand Poster

I was cleaning out my closet the other week and I came across this little gem of a poster. Designed by Paul Rand… have you ever heard him, I hear he was pretty good…