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2009 Feltron Report

Yesterday I received my copy of the 2009 Feltron Report, the fifth installment in the Feltron Report series, in the mail and I’ve got to say Nicholas has outdone himself on this one! Nicholas’ informational prowess shines, as always. Beautifully printed by Brooklyn-based Swayspace and bound with a sweet stitch binding this is totally one to savor. Fortunately for Nicholas and unfortunately for anyone who was late in ordering it, the report has sold out. Don’t fret though, you can peruse through the piece in its entirety at Nicholas’ site. Awesome!

Die Letterpress!

How cool are these prints! Brooklyn-based artist Stukenborg took 1,147 die and arranged them in various patterns to produce a total of 18 different prints. How jealous am I that he was able to use a big boy press like the Vandercook 32-28?… Very! These wonderful prints are available through Etsy.

Woods and Weather

Eariler today I an across some fun illustrations from Studio on Fire alum Erik Anthony Hamline over at his site,

Letterpress on Sesame Street circa 1970s

Cute little video featuring a letterpress and a lost dog from everyones favorite street.

{via Beast Pieces}