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Conductor: by Alexander Chen

Brooklyn based Interactive designer and musician, Alexander Chen has created this great project, called Conductor, where he takes live information from the MTA, visualizes the path of each train and assigns a musical note every time two trains cross paths; all through HTML5 and Javascript. The result, a wonderfully zen like soundtrack that is pretty much the antithesis of what its actually like to ride the train most of the time. Beautiful.

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire and writer/director Chris Milk teamed up with a huge collection of 2-D/3-D artists, filmmakers and coders to create The Wilderness Downtown. All coded in HTML5, this site is an incredibly rich and beautiful experience.

It’s recommended that, for the best experience, you use Chrome, but seeing as though Google was involved in the project, I can see why. However, I found that Firefox handled the experience a tad better.

Also, watch out Flash, this is proof that you’ve got some real competition.

Great Collection of Movie Titles!

Web-designer Christian Annyas has created a great site chock full of movie title stills, appropriately titled The Movie Title Stills Collection, spanning the last 90 or so years. Really great collection especially for movie buffs and type nuts alike. I want more!

The Rules of a Gentleman

Minneapolis-besed web designer, Ryan Evans has developed a wonderfully simple site outlining various rules one should considering following to reach gentleman status. There a quite a few good ones and a couple really great ones. Here are some of my favorites…

Browser Pong

Oh the amount of time that will be wasted utilized while playing this really cool rendition of the classic Atari game from Stewdio . Play against the computer or one of your office mates!

Aqua Creations

Not only do the guys over at Israeli-based Aqua Creations have a really unique perspective on lighting and furniture, they’ve got a great logo and website to boot. Check it out if get chance.

Work w/ benefits?


The guys over at UK-based Carsonified don’t play around when it comes to employee perks… a three day weekend every week is like a dream! Proof that you don’t have to be a slave to the grind to be successful.

André Felipe and Typo/Graphic Posters

Typo/Graphic Posters 01

Back in Late 2008, I contacted Brazilian designer, André Felipe, about joining an online project he had just started called Typo/Graphic Posters. It’s intent on being an online community run repository of all things… well, typographic and poster…y was ambitious and inspiring, especially for the type lover.

André, thankfully, was happy to invite me to be a part of the project and the site quickly became a staple in my bookmarks for a quite a while. Until disaster stuck last summer when André database crashed! Oh, the typographic humanity…

Fortunately, instead of letting of the project die, André decided to take the proverbial lemons and turn them into an amazing batch of limoncello! After many months of development Typo/Graphic Posters relaunched a few months ago with a beautiful new look and an extremely robust set of features (some I didn’t even know was possible for a website) that is impressive to say the least.


I just found this little flash mini-site from White Vinyl that maps the rotation of the planets around the sun and applies a musical tone to each of them to create a beautifully hypnotic musicbox effect. Lovely!


Wonder Wall Homepage

Wonder Wall Interior

Wonder Wall Interior

You know, as primarily a print and branding designer who struggles with the ever losing battle between print and web, I get a little nervous when it comes to interactive design and what is possible. Then I run into a website like the one for interior design firm, Wonderwall Inc., and I’m reminded that my anxiousness is completely unjustified and that everything is going to be just fine. Wonderwall’s site is seriously an amazing piece of design and coding and what’s even better is that there body of work is at the same level. Awesome!