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Geotagger’s World Atlas

Photographer/coder Eric Fischer decided it would be cool to do some code magic based off of public APIs from Flickr and Picasa. What he came up with is a beautiful way to visually represent the various traffic density clusters that form from the geotags taken from the photos that people take and upload to the two sites. He’s even gone as far as separating the tourist from the locals (red points and blue points respectively, yellow represents unknowns). Pretty sweet!

Project 10 + 00one

Steve Price of Norwegian-based firm Plan-B Studios was kind enough to put You+Me on the cover of the April issue of his ambitious newspaper club project called Project 10. To learn more about Steve’s project check out his blog. Really nice idea Steve!

Der Mensch als Industriepalast

I’ve always loved Fritz Kahn’s ever so German way of looking at human anatomy though his body machines lithographs, Der Mensch Als Industriepalast being one of my favorites of course. So when I fell upon the Henning Lederer’s animated version, I got a little gitty. I usually refrain from using an adjective that my mom usually would use, but this is really neat to watch. To learn more about Fritz Kahn, click here.

A Tax Form for the Marginally Employed

For all the freelancers out there, including myself, a great Op-Art piece from Sam Potts found in the New York Times.

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Air traffic and volcanos don’t mix well

This is crazy, I had heard that last months Eyjafjallajokull eruption caused some flight delays but I didn’t realize the extent until now. Though, I’m not sure which is crazier, seeing a total lack of flights through out a big chunk of Europe or the insane amount of flights that actually go on when things are normal.

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2009 Feltron Report

Yesterday I received my copy of the 2009 Feltron Report, the fifth installment in the Feltron Report series, in the mail and I’ve got to say Nicholas has outdone himself on this one! Nicholas’ informational prowess shines, as always. Beautifully printed by Brooklyn-based Swayspace and bound with a sweet stitch binding this is totally one to savor. Fortunately for Nicholas and unfortunately for anyone who was late in ordering it, the report has sold out. Don’t fret though, you can peruse through the piece in its entirety at Nicholas’ site. Awesome!

NYC meets Zelda” target=”_blank”>

Game designer and coder, Brett Camper, just released one of the funkiest maps of NYC that I’ve seen in a while. All in 8-bit, completely explorable and totally awesome, imagine trying to commute to work in this type of environment!

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It Works, I Swear!

Science Appoved Supplements

A really interesting interactive info-graphic about various health supplements and there scientific legitamcy from the guys over at Information is Beautiful.