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Jambox Rocks!

Jambox. It will be mine… oh yes, It will be mine.

Thank you, Yves Behar and Jawbone!

Eames Shell Chair, Start to Finish

Found this great video produced by The Office of Charles Eames for Herman Miller showcasing the production of the classic Shell Chair from start to finish. The music itself is worth the watch, quintessential Eames. Nice!

Lego Printer!

Check out this awesome printer that Lego enthusiast HorseAttack built from scratch on his spare time.

{via Creative Review}

Just the reason to get an iPad that I’ve been looking for…

{via LikeCool}

Apollo 11 launch @ 500 fps… um, awesome!

Back in ’69 when the Apollo 11 crew decided it would be a good time to go to that big rock in the sky, someone down on the ground had the excellent idea to film the rocket boosters doing their thing upclose at 500 frames per second… My nerd senses are tingling!

Aqua Creations

Not only do the guys over at Israeli-based Aqua Creations have a really unique perspective on lighting and furniture, they’ve got a great logo and website to boot. Check it out if get chance.