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New Heads of State

Philly-based designers Heads of State recently released a new series of city inspired posters that make me want to go on a cross-country road trip, I particularly love that they choose three cities that I can claim as currently or at one time, home (Seattle, San Francisco and New York). Really lovely work… Check out the rest of the series here.

Andy Pratt at Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market

Over the weekend, I took a trip down to Park Slope to check out the Lyceum Spring Food & Craft Market where I ran into the very talented illustrator and fellow Supermarketeer, Andy Pratt. Nice guy and cool stuff. Check it out if you get a chance.

End of Level Boss by Tom Gauld

I love this print by London-based illustrator Tom Gauld. The illustration was originally included in a childrens book by Tom called The Gigantic Robot but this particular print was used for a Dutch independent music festival which makes it that much cooler!

Fran├žais Papier, Oh La La…

I just love these promo posters from The French Paper Company, designed by CSA Design (who else!) Watch out for them at the paper shows, I’m sure they will go fast.


By now, I’m sure most of you guys out there are probably familiar with the work of Chiara Bautista (otherwise known as Milk). If you aren’t… you should be. Love, Love, love her work.

Woods and Weather

Eariler today I an across some fun illustrations from Studio on Fire alum Erik Anthony Hamline over at his site,