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Four Icon Challenge

Wisconsin-based designer, Kyle Tezak, has created this sweet little project were he takes movies and whittles the story down to it most barest of bare essentials in the form of four simple (and beautiful) icons. This is cool!

Hipster Dinos

My friend Katie sent these awesome coloring book hacks yesterday! Totally love the Spinosaurus (I’m also totally guessing) holding the PBR, I think I saw him hanging around off the Lorimer stop the other day!

Type Matrix

Swedish artist Thomas Broome created these great typographic illustrations. If Neo was a type designer… well, you know. Seriously though, great artist great work.

Print Monsters!

The Kraken by Family TreeThe Sasquatch by Family TreeThe Lochness by Family TreeThe Yeti by Family TreeGreat prints from the guys over at Nashville-based Family Tree. While I think they are all great, I particularly love The Kraken print! Sailors would be sure to tremble in there boots at the mere thought of this terrific beast of the sea!

{via NotCot}

Words can not describe how awesome this is…

Shredding Nuclear Rhino Kick… ‘nuf said.

Giant: Army

Directed by Yann Benedi and Celine Desrumaux with sound design by David Kamp. This animated short officially made my day today… awesome!

What’s the conversion rate on these?

Atlanta-based artist Mark Brooks created these great currency notes for the empire. The force is strong in these notes…

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The Seed

More stop-action play from UK-based Johnny Kelly. I’ve mentioned Johnny’s work before with his Procrastination piece, this time we are taken on the wonderful journey of a simple apple seed. Great stuff Johnny!

Der Mensch als Industriepalast

I’ve always loved Fritz Kahn’s ever so German way of looking at human anatomy though his body machines lithographs, Der Mensch Als Industriepalast being one of my favorites of course. So when I fell upon the Henning Lederer’s animated version, I got a little gitty. I usually refrain from using an adjective that my mom usually would use, but this is really neat to watch. To learn more about Fritz Kahn, click here.

Forest monsters and spooky kids from John Kenn.

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