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The Seed

More stop-action play from UK-based Johnny Kelly. I’ve mentioned Johnny’s work before with his Procrastination piece, this time we are taken on the wonderful journey of a simple apple seed. Great stuff Johnny!

“I Fly Like Paper”

Singapore/New York-based artist Dawn Ng created this awesome paper airplane installation last year… Lovely.

Forest monsters and spooky kids from John Kenn.

{via Escape into Life}

The Rules of a Gentleman

Minneapolis-besed web designer, Ryan Evans has developed a wonderfully simple site outlining various rules one should considering following to reach gentleman status. There a quite a few good ones and a couple really great ones. Here are some of my favorites…

New inkjet color… Skin.

OK… This is weird! The US Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine have developed a way to take an ordinary ink-jet printer (in this case an HP) and use to to literally print skin cells on to a burn patient. As Keanu says… Whoa!

Earlier this year, LabTV spoke to one of the researchers who’s working on the project. Hopefully the technology gets in to civilian hands sooner than later. Check out the video…

Alphabet Explorer

Austrailian-based graphic designer Rhett Dashwood has scoured the landscapes of his home country, from the comfort of his desk, for typographic monuments and he has come back with a veritable treasure trove of goodies. Be sure to check out all of his findings here.

Don’t give me any of your bull!

How great is the installation piece called “What You see Might Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling?! Easily my favorite representation of the craziness that happened in the financial world last year.

8-bit NYC Part Duex

A few weeks ago I wrote about Brett Camper’s 8 bit NYC Interactive Map, which is still awesome by the way, but I’m afraid Writer / Director Patrick Jean and his crew have One-Uped Brett by having various 8-bit video game favorites systematically destroy New York City! Awesome Cubed!

When did Old Spice become awesome?!

Apparently last week! Thanks to guys over at Wieden Kennedy, Old Spice is going a really weird, yet oddly amazing direction with their advertising. I don’t feel the sudden urge to go buy Old Spice or anything but it certainly got my attention. Funny stuff! You can check out all the spots the Old Spice YouTube Page.


The really great type blog, Lettercult, has issued everyone a type challenge that is hard to resist. Every couple weeks designers are invited to show their typographic prowess by designing a certain letter of the alphabet. The “A“, “B” and “C” battles are already on display and battle “D” is currently on and submissions are due April 11th. I may just have to throwdown on some of the up coming battles!