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Ceramic Hip Flask by Alexena Cayless

Yup, probably the coolest flask I’ve ever seen. Handmade by Alexena Cayless and added to cart by me!

{Found via Swiss-Miss}

Four Icon Challenge

Wisconsin-based designer, Kyle Tezak, has created this sweet little project were he takes movies and whittles the story down to it most barest of bare essentials in the form of four simple (and beautiful) icons. This is cool!

Prague’s Old Town Square 600th Anniversay

My friend Katie over at the Klog sent me this video of this projection mapping project by The Macula, celebrating the 600th anniversary of Prague’s Old Clock Tower that really blew me away. Pretty F’n amazing!

Pubit? Really?

Wow! Maybe my mind is in the gutter this morning, but when I received an email from Barnes & Noble today announcing a new self-publishing service for their Nook device, I had to do a triple take on the name. I mean, seriously? Pubit?! No matter how hard I try I can’t pronouce the name in which it was intended. It’s like the iPad naming, but worse. Did no one over in BN world bring this up? Is it just me?!

Screen Printing on the Cheap

Minneapolis-based author Andy McInnis and his team are in the process of finishing up a book about how to start screen-printing in a snap and on the cheap. As many of you know, I am a bit of a DIY printer myself, so I’m pretty stoked to see if there’s anything I can glean off of it. It’s sure to be a great resource for anyone interested in the art!

Also, be sure to check out this video that he made about an ingenious way to clean a screen. Wish I had car wash nearby… Great stuff!

{via Printeresting}

Knitting in the name of science

Vermont-based Crafty Hedgehog created these amazingly awesome knitted items that takes dissection to a whole new level! Available through her Etsy page you can purchase knitting patterns for a piglet, an alligator, a rabbit or the classic rat and frog.

The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire and writer/director Chris Milk teamed up with a huge collection of 2-D/3-D artists, filmmakers and coders to create The Wilderness Downtown. All coded in HTML5, this site is an incredibly rich and beautiful experience.

It’s recommended that, for the best experience, you use Chrome, but seeing as though Google was involved in the project, I can see why. However, I found that Firefox handled the experience a tad better.

Also, watch out Flash, this is proof that you’ve got some real competition.

$44 PBR Specials

Your gonna drop 44 big ones for this bad boy. Learn more about it at Personally, I prefer the much classier High Life… I mean come on, it IS the Champagne of Beers!

{via Gawker}

What’s the conversion rate on these?

Atlanta-based artist Mark Brooks created these great currency notes for the empire. The force is strong in these notes…

{via Pop Massive}

Bookshelf Porn

There is just something so fascinating in how a good set of shelves can be a big bucket of collective knowledge, thoughts and emotions and at the same time be so personal.

Yes, I’ll admit it! I totally have a thing for bookshelves. The nerd in me can’t deny it and when I came across the website Bookshelf Porn, the nerd in me smiled… a lot.

{via Bookshelf Porn}