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The Museum of Unnatural History

Very few organizations impress me more 826 National, not only does the work they do with kids completely inspire me, the creative structure in which they deliver it is jaw dropping. As a way to raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise their programs to the local communities each chapter has a store front with amazingly cool themes. Chapters like 826 Valencia, the original chapter in San Francisco, has the Pirate Shop, 826 Seattle with its Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. and 826 NYC offering up a Superhero Supply Co.

As of October 2010, 826 DC opened its doors along with another killer theme for a store front. The Museum of Unnatural History. All artifacts and supplements, such as Dung Beetle Bait and Unicorn Tears, have been beautifully designed by DC-based designer Oliver Munday and I’ve definitely put the store on my list to visit for the next time I’m in DC. Awesome!

Beautiful Kanal 5 Ident from ManvsMachine

London-based ManvsMachine recently released this amazing environment/textbook inspired ident for Swedish broadcaster Kanal 5. You can watch (and download) a huge version of it here. I highly recommend doing so, the detail is really quite beautiful.

Pubit? Really?

Wow! Maybe my mind is in the gutter this morning, but when I received an email from Barnes & Noble today announcing a new self-publishing service for their Nook device, I had to do a triple take on the name. I mean, seriously? Pubit?! No matter how hard I try I can’t pronouce the name in which it was intended. It’s like the iPad naming, but worse. Did no one over in BN world bring this up? Is it just me?!

Awesomest. Stationary. Ever.

So if you know me at all, you know I LOVE zombies and that, by pure virtue, makes this the awesomest! Designed by German-based Agency Jung von Matt.

Clever? Indeed!

My friend Katie just posted a great video about the new Puma shoebox, dubbed the “clever little bag” on her blog (DesignKlog). The new packaging, designed in conjunction with FuseProject, is incredibly smart and functional. It’s sure to get the approval of greenies everywhere. Nice!

Wohnung und Werkraum ID

I was at the MoMA over the weekend and up on the design floor tucked away in a corner is a great little mini exhibit called The New Typography which features various pieces of Soviet Russian, German, Dutch, and Czechoslovakian design from the 20s and 30s. One piece that particularly struck me was this sweet little gem of an ID system for Wohnung und Werkraum (Living and Workspace) designed by German-based Johannes Molzahn back in 1929. Quite beautiful.

When did Old Spice become awesome?!

Apparently last week! Thanks to guys over at Wieden Kennedy, Old Spice is going a really weird, yet oddly amazing direction with their advertising. I don’t feel the sudden urge to go buy Old Spice or anything but it certainly got my attention. Funny stuff! You can check out all the spots the Old Spice YouTube Page.

Aqua Creations

Not only do the guys over at Israeli-based Aqua Creations have a really unique perspective on lighting and furniture, they’ve got a great logo and website to boot. Check it out if get chance.

Awesomest shoes in the Galaxy!

DO! or do not! there is no try… therefore I must get a pair of these killer Star Wars inspired Adidas. I’m having troubles siding between the Jedi and the Sith though, so I better get both for good measure. Check out the other new StarWars/Adidas swag for 2010 at the StarWars site.

Logorama wins Best Animated Short. Sweet!

Many designers who tuned into the Oscars Sunday weren’t just tuning into see who would win Best Picture. They were also rooting for French collective H5 who walked away with one of the golden guys for Best Animated Short for the totally awesome Logorama. You can check out the trailer here and you can own it for yourself through iTunes for only 2 bucks!