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Mobster v. Newcastle City Council

A collaboration piece by Mobster with the unwitting help of the Newcastle City Council… Good Stuff!

Don’t give me any of your bull!

How great is the installation piece called “What You see Might Not Be Real” by Chen Wenling?! Easily my favorite representation of the craziness that happened in the financial world last year.


By now, I’m sure most of you guys out there are probably familiar with the work of Chiara Bautista (otherwise known as Milk). If you aren’t… you should be. Love, Love, love her work.


These map quilts, made by Wisconsin-based artist Leah Evans, have got to be some of the most intricate and interesting quilts I’ve ever seen. Quilting!… Who knew?! Very cool…

Great work from Greg Lamarche!

I was at the Scope Art Show yesterday and the work of Greg Lamarche (aka really caught my eye. His handcut typographic paper collages are really sweet! You can more of his work at his personal website.