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The Wilderness Downtown

Arcade Fire and writer/director Chris Milk teamed up with a huge collection of 2-D/3-D artists, filmmakers and coders to create The Wilderness Downtown. All coded in HTML5, this site is an incredibly rich and beautiful experience.

It’s recommended that, for the best experience, you use Chrome, but seeing as though Google was involved in the project, I can see why. However, I found that Firefox handled the experience a tad better.

Also, watch out Flash, this is proof that you’ve got some real competition.

Type Matrix

Swedish artist Thomas Broome created these great typographic illustrations. If Neo was a type designer… well, you know. Seriously though, great artist great work.

Faith No More Second Coming Gig Posters

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been this geeked out over an upcoming show but it’s frakin’ Faith No More, how could I not be! Check out some of the great gig posters that have been released over the span of the tour.

Works by Tara McPherson, Angry Blue, Frank Kozik and Drew Millward respectively.

Lego Printer!

Check out this awesome printer that Lego enthusiast HorseAttack built from scratch on his spare time.

{via Creative Review}


“I Fly Like Paper”

Singapore/New York-based artist Dawn Ng created this awesome paper airplane installation last year… Lovely.

Project 10 + 00one

Steve Price of Norwegian-based firm Plan-B Studios was kind enough to put You+Me on the cover of the April issue of his ambitious newspaper club project called Project 10. To learn more about Steve’s project check out his blog. Really nice idea Steve!

A Tax Form for the Marginally Employed

For all the freelancers out there, including myself, a great Op-Art piece from Sam Potts found in the New York Times.

{via Feltron}

Oodles of Doodles,
Part 2

Last week in LA, Tinlark Gallery opened the new Oodles of Doodles show to whats looks to have been a great crowd! I so wish I could have been there. If you look hard you can my You+Me print tucked away in the corner of one of the images. Woohoo! If your in the LA area from now to the end of May, do make sure to check it out.

Die Letterpress!

How cool are these prints! Brooklyn-based artist Stukenborg took 1,147 die and arranged them in various patterns to produce a total of 18 different prints. How jealous am I that he was able to use a big boy press like the Vandercook 32-28?… Very! These wonderful prints are available through Etsy.