The Museum of Unnatural History

Very few organizations impress me more 826 National, not only does the work they do with kids completely inspire me, the creative structure in which they deliver it is jaw dropping. As a way to raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise their programs to the local communities each chapter has a store front with amazingly cool themes. Chapters like 826 Valencia, the original chapter in San Francisco, has the Pirate Shop, 826 Seattle with its Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. and 826 NYC offering up a Superhero Supply Co.

As of October 2010, 826 DC opened its doors along with another killer theme for a store front. The Museum of Unnatural History. All artifacts and supplements, such as Dung Beetle Bait and Unicorn Tears, have been beautifully designed by DC-based designer Oliver Munday and I’ve definitely put the store on my list to visit for the next time I’m in DC. Awesome!

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