André Felipe and Typo/Graphic Posters

Typo/Graphic Posters 01

Back in Late 2008, I contacted Brazilian designer, André Felipe, about joining an online project he had just started called Typo/Graphic Posters. It’s intent on being an online community run repository of all things… well, typographic and poster…y was ambitious and inspiring, especially for the type lover.

André, thankfully, was happy to invite me to be a part of the project and the site quickly became a staple in my bookmarks for a quite a while. Until disaster stuck last summer when André database crashed! Oh, the typographic humanity…

Fortunately, instead of letting of the project die, André decided to take the proverbial lemons and turn them into an amazing batch of limoncello! After many months of development Typo/Graphic Posters relaunched a few months ago with a beautiful new look and an extremely robust set of features (some I didn’t even know was possible for a website) that is impressive to say the least.

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