Ceramic Hip Flask by Alexena Cayless

Yup, probably the coolest flask I’ve ever seen. Handmade by Alexena Cayless and added to cart by me!

{Found via Swiss-Miss}

Four Icon Challenge

Wisconsin-based designer, Kyle Tezak, has created this sweet little project were he takes movies and whittles the story down to it most barest of bare essentials in the form of four simple (and beautiful) icons. This is cool!

Conductor: MTA.me by Alexander Chen

Brooklyn based Interactive designer and musician, Alexander Chen has created this great project, called Conductor, where he takes live information from the MTA, visualizes the path of each train and assigns a musical note every time two trains cross paths; all through HTML5 and Javascript. The result, a wonderfully zen like soundtrack that is pretty much the antithesis of what its actually like to ride the train most of the time. Beautiful.

Jambox Rocks!

Jambox. It will be mine… oh yes, It will be mine.

Thank you, Yves Behar and Jawbone!

A Very Zombie Holiday

Here’s to a very merry undead holiday this year. Have fun and remember; stay aware, stay alive.

Thanks for the link Ken!

Prague’s Old Town Square 600th Anniversay

My friend Katie over at the Klog sent me this video of this projection mapping project by The Macula, celebrating the 600th anniversary of Prague’s Old Clock Tower that really blew me away. Pretty F’n amazing!

The Museum of Unnatural History

Very few organizations impress me more 826 National, not only does the work they do with kids completely inspire me, the creative structure in which they deliver it is jaw dropping. As a way to raise funds, inspire creativity, and advertise their programs to the local communities each chapter has a store front with amazingly cool themes. Chapters like 826 Valencia, the original chapter in San Francisco, has the Pirate Shop, 826 Seattle with its Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. and 826 NYC offering up a Superhero Supply Co.

As of October 2010, 826 DC opened its doors along with another killer theme for a store front. The Museum of Unnatural History. All artifacts and supplements, such as Dung Beetle Bait and Unicorn Tears, have been beautifully designed by DC-based designer Oliver Munday and I’ve definitely put the store on my list to visit for the next time I’m in DC. Awesome!

Star Wars Typography

Matteo Civaschi of H-57 Creative Station in Milan, Italy managed to combine two of my favorite thing, Star Wars and Typography… Sweet!

{via One Plus Infinity}

Beautiful Kanal 5 Ident from ManvsMachine

London-based ManvsMachine recently released this amazing environment/textbook inspired ident for Swedish broadcaster Kanal 5. You can watch (and download) a huge version of it here. I highly recommend doing so, the detail is really quite beautiful.

Smell like a Monster…